Friday, April 23, 2010

Outdoor challenge

J said "Wow God, you're talented!"

I know that I signed up for this challenge, and I had every intent of seein it thru but our life has become a bit more than I can keep up with...we are still spending as much time outside as we can but taking pictures of every single day jsut hasn't been happening...the time is slipping away and we are down to counting down the days in our house with just two hands now...taking in every little bit we can now...

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thriftyknitter said...

Hi Halle, Thanks for stopping by The Knitted Garden. I too wish we could have met up. What fun we and our little ones would have had. Where in TX are you and where are you going? If you're ever in the Nashville area, let me know. Our house will always be open.
Blessings on your move,