Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One Small Change

I guess I got a bit behind on my postings and completely missed posting about our "small" change for March!

Years ago,probably back in HS, I was on the hunt for cloth hankies to make into little angel dolls for a craft show (yes, I was crafty even way back then!) so I asked my grandparents to keep an eye out for them at flea markets and auctions. I was so thrilled when my Gram's neighbor and best friend, Cille, sent me a big ziploc bag full of hankies that her and her sisters had collected over the years. By that time, "the sisters" next door had mostly passed on and Cille was (and still is living) the only one left. My early childhood has many warm yellow memories of going over and sitting on the porch while the grownups chatted and there were always good smells coming from the my mind it's the ideal American neighborhood with the freedom of knowing your neighbors, and treating them like family. So....of course I could never use those hankies for a craft project that I was going to sell to strangers! lol In the mean time tho, those hankies became quite the travelers, being toted from Pennsylvania to Missouri to Alaska and then back down to the lower 48 where they currently reside in Texas! I bet the sisters never thought their hankies would go so far!

Since R was a baby and living in Texas (allergy capital of the world I swear!) she has had more issues with a runny nose than I know what to do with. When she was super little, her tiny nose would get SO raw from me wiping it constantly that I know it had to be painful. That is when I first got the idea to use cloth hankies. We used cloth diapers so why not this? Well, while preparing for this move, we've been going thru boxes and trying to really clean out things we don't need and of course along the way we've discovered forgotten "treassures" that are now must haves! lol This forgotten bag FULL of beautiful hankies is one of those forgotten but much loved treasures that is now part of our daily lives.

So, for March, just in time for more allergies- haha- we found a cute little basket and now proudly display our collection of cloth hankies.

The girls now love getting their noses wiped or using them to blow their noses after using the netting pot (yes even my two year old does it!) and they rush about to pick out their favorites
before the other can get to them! I know that it really is a small change but I like the idea of using old things in a world where everyone is fixed on using bigger and better new things....and the best part of all ? No more raw, red noses!


the hermits on the hill said...

Very nice! You should print it out and send it to Cille. I don't know if she'd remember giving them to you or not, but I'm sure she'd love to know what you've done with them.

Robin said...

That's cool and I'm beyond impressed the R uses the Neti! lol. Bri doesn't even use the pot; she has some sort of spray thing - and I can't get her to remember to do it daily. lol.

JenMahrie Baker said...

oh thank goodness for the Neti! Mine was the beginning of the end of sinus infections. :P