Monday, December 13, 2010

In progress

For once, DH is getting in on the fun of making presents for the girls too!

In a world where everything is bigger and better, we really really try to make an effort to simplify at Christmas. I think last year will always be the year we are striving to recreate... not to much, not too little, just right!

So this year, instead of going to the store and ordering a painted up, run of the mill Barbie house (wooden, plastic or whatever else they come up with these days!) we are creating one that will be bookshelf style and simple... perfect for their imaginations and love of crafting to go wild!

But, as we all know... a house is not a home without some of the creature comforts of furniture! So, Daddy and I went into the woods on the search for "logs" for the beds....I love that we were able to turn what would be garbage to anyone else into something that will brign such joy to the girls. Now I need to get working on the bedding!  :)

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Marianne said...

How fun, this will be a gift the girls will treasure for life.
I made a playhouse for my girls ages 6 years and 18 months and I am already pictureing having grandkids over playing in it.
Thanks for sharing at Holly Bloggy.