Monday, December 13, 2010

Straight pins and bobbins

It's been a mad dash of sewing to get things done in time to mail... and there have been straight pins and bobbins covering my table for days!! lol I am going crazy cause I can't share what i've been working on for fear of someone seeing their gift too soon so for now you'll have to settle on this... I think it's the only gift that is for someone without a computer! :) DH's Grandmother is crazy into crafts like me and is a GREAT cook so I thought this was fitting for her!
I got the pattern from Fiber Works in MT. It has got to be THE  prettiest quilt shop I have ever been to! Be sure to check out the pictures of the store when you get a chance! I can't seem to find the pattern on their site but I'm sure if you call you could just ask for it. It's called "Easy Apron by Laura Heine". If you do call, be sure to tell them I sent you! :)

And, I got my fabric at Gee Gee's (my newest favorite outing!) You can order from their site... they have THE best selection I've ever seen!!! It makes it oh so dangerous to go in there! :)

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