Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The search for the great pumpkin...

Fall is definitely here in the Pacific NW. It feels like we've been inching towards it in baby steps, being spoiled with a nice day here or there but now, it is here with a vengeance! The rain is starting to set in and I'm afraid my days of berry picking in the sunshine and wearing flip flops is over.... I could be sad about it but really I am looking forward to all the fall activities and tho we missed some this last weekend, we got the month off to a great start yesterday at the first of many planned trips to a local farm!

The kids enjoyed going thru the hay maze in the barn, which was a great idea considering how much it rains here! lol I just couldn't get over how pretty it looked with the lights cascading from the ceiling like a spider web! I love how this picture turned out but it still didn't capture it completely!

And of course, no trip to a farm is complete without animals to pet!!

And you know these little guys were a favorite :O) Say an extra prayer that we get a call in a month or so when they are in need of a new home! :") I left my name and number! lol

I think he was wanting to pet them but I so afraid that he was getting the wrong end of the deal! lol

Who doesn't love a good hay ride!? Again, this farm was really thinking things out by having them covered! We were lucky and it was dry while we were there but you know there are many wet days to come!
This particular farm also raised trees for Christmas time. We got to see all the trees in various sizes on our tractor ride!

When it was all said and done, the girls had each found their perfect pumpkin and we'd acquired two more for baking and 6 miniature ones to add to our fall decorating! It was a wonderful day out with friends (I feel so blessed to have other homeschooling moms to make this journey with) and a day full of new memories with my girls!!  Now on to the next farm in a few weeks for apple picking!!! :) Isn't fall grand?


Stacey said...

Looks like fun! I can't wait to go back there this year! :)

Liberty said...

Hallie, your photos are beautiful! We also had a great time!!! Look forward to more outings with you all :)