Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sniffles coughs and for helping to keep your family cold and flu free

Now that fall has officially arrived, our house (like so many others) have been fighting head colds and allergies as the weather decides on the temperatures it is going to keep and the trees and other plants begin to lose their leaves. It's pretty much inevitable that we are going to have some sickness come our way but I'm not about to go down without a fight! lol

I've already started making more warm healing soups and have started us all taking more vitmin C and D too but sometimes it's just not enough. Little kids can only "catch" so many of the sneezes and coughs so I try to make up for it in other ways...

With the days getting shorter, it's easier to sleep in a bit later (I'm sooooo thankful we can do that as homeschoolers) thus getting more rest..... lots of hot baths to wash away the germs... and I think the biggest help is the fact that I go around the house wiping down all the door knobs, doors themselves, light switches and anywhere else I can picture little fingers going.... While you're at it? Dont' forget remotes, phones and computer keyboards!! Why not just have a bath party for Little People? I shutter at the thought of the amount of germs those little guys collect!! lol

Another thing that seems to happen around this time of year? Tissue boxes become a new decoration in every room! ha! Why not just have them handy at all times?

My youngest is now probably too old for it, but we still use the grocery cart seat cover. It has a bit of padding to it so I'm sure it's more comfortable and she actually asks to take it in! My hubby gets annoyed having to carry one more thing in the store but I figure that it's just one more protection from the germs of a little kid who used it before us  that should have been kept home instead of going to the store spreading germs to strangers! :) And don't forget to wash the seat cover regularly too! :) Gosh, there is a lot of washing going on in our house right now. How about yours?

 I think that when it comes to keeping your family healthy, it's really good to think old school... keep them home when you can, put a hat on their head when they do have to go out and have something warm to eat or drink waiting for them when they return! :)That has me thinking.... I think I'll set another pot of tea on and start another knit hat.... you can never have too many! :)

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Liberty said...

Couldn't agree more! Fortunately I think we are not as affected being homeschoolers :) Little perk I guess!

Here is to a healthy season!