Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blast off!

We've been counting down the days till our big adventure.... This adventure was the first of its kind and a bit nerve racking for me but pure adrenaline for the girls! lol

A few days ago, we made the trip by plane from Washington to Pennsylvania with a short stop in Dallas. This was a first of its kind because not only had the girls never flown (or at least not that they remembered) but we had never done it without Daddy!! Boy what a difference that makes! I wasn't really worried about the trip part of it , but have been dreading being away from hubby for so long. I have never been the one to leave and it is a bit weird but we're dealing with lots of texts and nightly phone calls. The girls are doing really much better than I thought they would be. Modern technology helps so much!

In preparation for the trip tho, I tried to be prepared with little things that I thought would make the trip easier. We are not ones to carry dvd players or gaming systems with us everywhere we go (just our own personal choice- nor do we own them) so I had to think of other things to keep them occupied during the air time we had ahead of us. We had the usual coloring book, crayons and drawing pad... mixed in with new word searches, wipe off books and knitting for J and sewing cards for R. My secret weapon was a little collection of wooden peg dolls that I made "just incase" the trip turned ugly....

 Well, I hate to brag... ok maybe I don't... lol I am sooooo proud of how well the girls did!! There was not even a nano second of ugly on our trip. I am reminded daily how wonderful our girls are but somehow it always seems to surprise me at the goodness they are capable of. They did so good on the trip that I was even able to snooze for about 20 minutes (after having only 2 hours sleep the night before!) and they played with this set  for over an hour... only putting it away when they absolutely had to for landing! :)

Please excuse the crappy pictures... cell phones and bad lighting don't mix! :)

I love how the girls can entertain themselves. They have always been so good at that and I have to think that it comes from always offering them open ended toys and limiting the ones that stifle creativity... sometimes I just like to sit back and watch their playtime unfold! :) Even now that we have landed, they are still playing with this set!  They dug out the wooden farm set that Oma has and the stories have exploded with a new adventure!

***Dr Quinn has become such a blessing in our house. It is a good family friendly show that we can watch together with the girls and yet we still enjoy it too!! While there have a been a few shows that we have skipped over due to topic, (Matthew dating a gal from Hanks saloon) there have been other shows that opened up conversations that I otherwise wouldn't have known how to (race topics)... There has been so many historical things that we have researched because of this show (Custer and Walt Whitman) and I will be so sad when we are finished with all 6 seasons....

We so love introducing the girls to shows we loved as kids and that are family friendly.... I don't know what made me think to make them into peg dolls and now I'm excited to think of the other sets I can make for even more extended play and adventures for them. What were some of your favorite shows, movies or characters? I think we'll start watching the Walton's next!

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Robin said...

The dolls are adorable!
I used to fly with Bri & KL, by myself, every now and then when they were both were still small - being about 21months apart in age. Anyway, they were being very good on one particular flight & a lady came up to me and briefly said, "Such good babies; that means they have a wonderful mother."
I'm not even sure I replied but I'll never forget her these kind words from a stranger.

Tina Schnetz said...

I love the peg dolls! We started watching Dr. Quinn as a family, but we too found that there were too many that were a little questionable for the younger kids. My daughter Macey has watched most of the seasons though. She loves that show and would love your peg dolls...I'll have to show them to her :). The Waltons is one of our favorites! We are currently on season 7. We have also enjoyed watching Leave it to Beaver and The Andy Griffith Show, but our all-time family favorite is Little House on the Prairie :).

Maureen Olsen said...

These are adorable!! I can't remember if I told you already, but the girls love the pirates and we take the tick-tac-toe game with us on day trips and restaurants and it is wonderful. thank you so much. Hope you are having a good trip and a nice time with family!

KrystenNewlove said...

Mackenzie watches Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy, Daniel Boone, Gunsmoke, and The Rifleman just to name a few. She does not like cartoons.