Saturday, February 25, 2012

A sick day review

Don't you just love how things just don't always go as planned? haha... NOT! This "vacation" has been far from what we had planned so we had to make a new plan.... don't make any plans and just make the best of each day! Tada! :)

With all of us being sick at some point (other than lucky Opa- knock on wood!) we've spent a good amount of time at home in the last three weeks watching movies (Lady and the Tramp to be clear... over and over and over....) reading books and just trying to rest in between bouts of sneezing, and coughing fits! Boy am I ever glad to have gotten out to JoAnn Fabrics before all the sickness set in... I originally bought this shrinky dinks set thinking it would be good for a cold snowy/rainy day, as we've sure had those on this trip too, but as it worked out it has been the perfect activity for a run of crappy sick days too! :) One bright spot in a long run of sick was a welcomed diversion!

It's not often that I write a review that was totally unsolicited but I really can't praise this kit enough and thought others might like to know how great it is too! The girls colored on these things for days!!!  In between naps and sluggish times, they were able to color a little bit here and there and after a few days they had a ton of little flowers, fairies and critters to magically shrink in the oven!! They were amazed to watch thru the oven and I must admit I enjoyed seeing the magic of it all too!!

 I can't say enough good things about this kit. The girls loved decorating the cardboard tree house that came with it and have spent hours playing with it!! This is one of those kits that I think every mom should have in their closet for a rainy day... sick day... or just an unexpected fun day! :)


Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

Great site you have here! Thanks for entering the Dr. Seuss giveaway on Mommy Delicious. You won, but didn't leave a contact email. Please email me your mailing address so that I can have the company mail you your prize pack.

Krissy Sherman Bonning said...

I just passed up this kit on sale at Target the other day. Darn it! I'm going to have to go back and see if it's still there. I know my Priscilla would love it. Thanks for linking up to the Kids Co-op this week. :)