Friday, March 2, 2012

Fairies among us!

Before the sick crud set in on all of us, our vacation was cruising right along. Fun snowy days of sledding and hot cocoa, family visits all around and even a trip to our much loved Hobby Lobby! :) Living where we do, we SOOO miss having the option of shopping there so I took advantage of their wood crafting supplies and picked up a few things for the shop. As usual, I get something in my head and just have to make it happen before I bust from creative ideas! lol  So, I set to work with Mom's new toy (a wood burner just like mine) and this little egg was what I ended up with!

Is it crazy to say I'm in love with a wooden egg?! lol

While the larger egg is for me, the smaller one and a few others were mailed out for another swap with BitsofGoodness. I love being part of such an amazing community and can't wait to see what other fairy goodness we get in return!:)

 Also be sure to check out KEEP CALM CRAFT ON for more links to amazing creations!


Lydia said...

Your eggs came out lovely- I think the recipient will be very happy when they receive theirs.Love the idea of using a wood burner on wooden eggs-now my gears are turning,lol.

softearthart said...

They are lovely, cheers Marie

April's Homemaking said...

Very pretty,I love these eggs, how fun these must be to make! :)

Robin said...

LOVE the fairy egg! I've got a few story eggs penciled in for Mady but am afraid to ruin them if I mess up the woodburning on my cheapy burner. lol. I really should save my sbucks for a good one but... I don't really use it that often - not sure if the cost would work out. anyway... beautiful work as always!

Anonymous said...

I adore my little fairy egg and I used it today! I posted about it, and linked to your blog. : )