Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tell me a story!

I was working on getting my shop stocked back up the other day and my daughter just had to point out the way these guys were sitting on my counter.... she said that it looked like the wolf was protecting the sheep... I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was more likely he was protecting his dinner! lol

The girls and I have really been enjoying my newest creations- story cubes! I started out making these for a swap and they ended up being a new favorite in our house! While I am making dinner, or the girls are waiting for Daddy to get home, they get them out and roll away to find where the story leads them!!  In the beginning the stories were really pretty lame....

There was a cow and a sheep making foot prints in a field with an acorn, a sucker and a ball of yarn.

Now they are getting really detailed and sometimes entirely too long! lol

Once upon a time there was a little sheep that saw a little cow and the cow said "Do you want to play?". "Yes" said the sheep and they scattered off. They found a lollypop on the ground and they saw some footprints beside it. "Someone has been eating this lollypop" and then there was an acorn falling from a tree that hit the cow!  And the sheep said "Oh dear!". Then they found a ball of yarn with a cat chasing behind it.They decided to all be friends!

I love hearing what the girls come up with and they love taking turns adding to the stories. It still amazes me how it's the simple things that seem to entertain them the best! :) I'll be adding these to the shop soon so please check back! I plan on making some more of these for my girls to hide in their Easter eggs! Who needs candy when you could have more stories?! :)



dionne said...

Those story cubes are a great idea and your wood burning looks so detailed and perfect. Thanks for sharing :)

4kids, 2 guinea pigs, 1 happy family said...

Such a good idea!

hannahw said...

I bet my playschool children would love story blocks. Here is my latest craftiness.. a dress for BabySister due in early Juy --