Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Girls after my own heart

With our vacation taking a little longer than expected, we were in a mad dash when we got home to get our car kits and get working on them for the upcoming AWANA Grand Prix! The girls were so excited to get started, and to be honest, I was too!

We started by tracing out the shape of the block of wood onto a piece of paper so the girls could draw out what they wanted Daddy to cut out...

Then the girls decided their cars really needed drivers and asked if I could make them some pegdolls to sit on top. Now, of course I could have but what would the fun have been in that!? So... I put them to work on making them themselves! lol They had to draw it on in pencil and then I agreed to wood burn their drawings on for them and they could paint them! It was so cute to see them hard at work on pegdolls.... girls after my own heart...

After Daddy cut out the cars, I used carbon paper to transfer their drawings onto the wood cars and then wood burned the drawings on for them! They were just ready to paint, seal and race!!

Can you tell that my oldest is definitely a Daddy's girl? It looks like a tank to me but she said it was a hunting truck complete with deer head on the front! lol Too funny!!!

And of course my youngest had to have a VW bug! She was so proud of those tulips she drew on the sides! :)

Check back for an update and more pics of the finished products. This whole experience has been great family time so far! Lovin it! :)

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