Saturday, February 11, 2012

Q-t pie- Sharing some goodness

Why is it that  people think it's ok to take their own frustrations out on other people who are just working hard to do their job at the best of their ability?

Whether it is Walmart workers during the holidays, toll booth workers on the turnpikes or flight attendants on airplanes, just to name a few.... These people work hard at their job and too often enough take the brunt of the negative attitudes people think they need to expel into the universe! lol

SOOO... we thought we would reenact the random act of kindness that we started a few years ago...

The girls worked on these little creations for a week before we left on our trip!! They handed them out to all the airline workers we can in contact with on both flights... and we were sure to thank the TSA workers too.... I think it is so important for our girls to know how lucky we are to be able to fly to see our family, and how greatful we should be for the TSA workers that keep us safe. I hear too many people complain about the inconveniences of going thru metal detectors and having their bags searched, but I know that we had nothing to hide. :) If they are checking our bags, then that means they are also checking the bags of people with less than honorable intentions!! I am greatful to live in a country that is free and will always let them know how thankful we are... I hope my girls will always be that way too!!

That being said... I am very glad that I could bring knitting needles in my carry on! :) I am attempting my first sweater with the yarn we have been dying! :) More on that later...

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