Monday, May 31, 2010

We're going on a bird hunt

It's funny that I would find this give-a-way at Resurrection Fern just when I was thinking about posting these pictures from vacation. She has a book called "Little Birds" that just looks to be adorable and totally something we would love to have an make things from!! Go check it out!
There must be something in the air about birds! My girls are crazy about the birds we see out our windows here in the trailer, so much so that we put up a little bird feeder in the tree next us! Now if the birds would only find it, the cats would be oh so happy!
Another giveaway worthy of checking out is at GardenMama...I am so in love with the framed bird picture and would love to have it for our schoolroom in the new house! (Crossing fingers on finding a house with enough room for one! ha!)
We are so into birds lately that I even made room in the trailer for a treassured book of Bird encyclopedia so we can identify all sorts on our travels! Happy birdwatching!!

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Margie Oomen said...

Such a lovely view of the forest
I bet the birds love it there