Sunday, May 30, 2010

What it's really about

Me - " What do you feel when you see this J?"

J- " Umm... proud...I feel proud Mom."

How do you teach children to feel pride when they see a row of American flags? How do you get across the idea that Memorial day isn't just about a day off of work, or a BBQ or good sales at the department stores? In a world so full of "me me me" how can we teach our children that it's more about "them" and so many others who shaped the way our country is today and the way it will be tomorrow?

It's just something I think about...
On this day, find a soldier and thank his/her family...if you can't thank that soldier, thank their family for all they have sacrificed for us to have this day off work, this amazing place to have a BBQ with friends and the freedom to shop those sales...

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Alisha said...

Thanks to you, Hallie, and your husband for his service to our amazing country, and to you, for being a military wife. Thank you guys so much for what you add to our freedom. I salute you.