Monday, November 15, 2010

Shutterfly love

No, I'm not talking about bugs that fly...I'm talking about the love of opening those yearly cards that will soon be filling my mail box! And the hope that they will have pictures of our far away friends and family packaged in right along with them! :) I'm talking about Christmas cards!!!

I don't know about you, but I have been thinking about them for weeks now and trying to plot out the perfect picture setting to use in our yearly card. The stress of it all is about to drive me crazy...and then I discovered a way to simplify....I ususally make my own cards, each painstaking piece of art with stamps and ink however this year I decided that I just wasn't up for the mess and the extra you hear it? The angels are singing!That's right...Shutterfly is ready to make your photo cards in a matter of minutes! One less stress checked off the list! Not its just a matter of picking from all their great choices!! lol :)

This one is my personal favorite...I love the idea that a picture of my family will be delivered as a present!

Don't let the fun stop there! You can use these photo cards for just about everything! They would make great thankyou cards for holiday gifts or even birthday party cards! Not to mention baby announcements! I've even used them for pictures of the girls to send to family after a vacation...I love to get/send mail and what's better to send than pictures!? Personalized  gifts like wall calenders and personalized photo mugs!  lol

Tiled Mugs
What's better to give than a useable picture that will be seen every morning?!

My favorite of their products are the photo books tho. They are easy to make and can really be full of so many memories. After our big move this summer, I took all the pictures from the trip and made them into a book for my mother-in-law, who had so graciously made the trip west with us. It was so fun to see all the pictures together in  book, I might just have to make one for myself! :)

What ever you chose to make with Shutterfly, I know you won't be disappointed. If only for this one little thing, take a load off and let Shutterfly do the work! :) Get your cards picked out, your pictures loaded and have your personalized holiday cards delivered right to your door! Now if only the rest of your shopping could be that easy! :)

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