Friday, April 27, 2012

Co-op joy

I remember the moment and the look on my friend's face one night at our church's family night when she said that the homeschool co-op we'd been talking about was going to happen. Her expression looked like a kid that had just told the biggest secret in the world... we were both just giddy!!! I remember feeling like my head was going to explode from all the ideas and I don't think I slept a wink that night. Hubby and I stayed up till wee hours of the morning going over ideas, doing research online etc. That was one of those moments in my life that I can honestly say I felt God moving me... His presence was not something that could be denied in the conversations we had that night. We were new to that church and He had led us there. I was heart broken and lost without our homeschool family in Texas and He brought this co-op to us too... I don't know how people can go thru life thinking they don't need God. I am reminded every single day that He is in control and this co-op is just one more huge reminder of that! Our God is so good!!

 The first semester of classes started a bit later than we'd have liked but we were working as fast as we could and boy did we have a lot to learn! :) I was teaching two art classes. k-3rd with 21 kids Sure kept me on my toes and the 4th- 6th graders were a breath of fresh air! :)

The scarves we made with the older art class! 

And while I was teaching my art classes.... my girls were being taught knitting, Pioneers by other homeschooling moms! They loved it!!

 For second semester my youngest got to take and Animals class, Literature and Human Body (not bad for a 4 year old huh?)

And my oldest got to take etiquette, math games and science experiments! I LOVE being a homeschooler and the freedoms it gives us... you know they aren't teaching etiquette in public school! lol

 We just had our family share night last weekend. It was a great chance for family and friends (mostly Dads tho) to see what we'd accomplished and it was great for the kids to get to show off the things they learned and made. I think that is so important for kids... The girls and I wanted to give a little something of thanks to their teachers so I made up these soaps. Well I didn't make the soap but I did put the words in it! I think they turned out nice. You can see how to make them HERE.

 The kids made their own Wild Things in Literature class

These amazing quilts were made by the teens!!

The kids bodies from Human Body class were hilarious to see hanging in the entry of the church!

 This semester I got to just be a helper which was a welcome break after the busy 1st semester but I must admit I am anxious to get back to teaching and am already looking forward to next semester as we have already started planning classes for the fall. Every time we get together to plan for the next semester I am amazed at what God can do with a group of women dedicated to teaching their children. The amount of hard work and energy that goes into making a co-op successful is so worth it when we get to do it together! I am sooo thankful to be part of this group and this church and this community.... not that I ever doubted it but God knows what we need... sometimes even before we do! I am so thankful for our crazy, tiring, overwelming at times, homeschooling life!!


Stephanie said...

What a wonderful Co-op you have! The art projects and the quilts look amazing, you guys are truly blessed.

Robin said...

What an amazing group {I want to come take the quilt class!}. Every time you post about your HS group it just reinforces how, even tho' I wanted you guys here, it would so not have been the right place for you.
You are right where you should be. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the soap! Cody loved your art class and his book is a kepsake I will treasure. Preschool is going to be a lot of fun next year! Sara.

Emmy said...

So awesome that it all came together. And so great to have so many great ladies you can work with. Thanks for linking up