Monday, April 9, 2012

The miracle we witnessed

I know that chicks hatch out of eggs everyday and that it probably silly to be amazed that a breakfast food, when given a little bit of heat for 21 days can turn into a living being... but I will forever be awestruck, elated, giddy and so very thankful to experience this miracle with my family...

We actually got to witness this amazing miracle twice out of the four eggs we hatched. After the first one hatched, my oldest just couldn't stop jumping up and down shouting "God is so awesome!!" I secretly wanted to jump up and down right with her but instead just agreed with her....This little guy just happened to hatch on her birthday!!

I am feeling so fortunate that we get to experience so much in our homeschooling journey and hope that we never lose the wonder that comes from a tiny chick hatching out of an egg! :)

This little guy was less than a minute old when I snapped this picture thru the top of the incubator!! My daughter is SO right- "God is amazing!"

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