Monday, April 16, 2012

Tea for two... or four!

 I knew when I walked into my Grandma's house while visiting in PA, that I was going to be in trouble.... I saw the doll boxes on the table and the stack of beautiful clothes (made by my wonderful Aunt) sitting on top.... I knew this was going to start something and how much my girls were going to LOVE IT!!! Boy was I in trouble! lol

Meet Abby and Olivia!

We started talking about the girls' birthdays and rolling over ideas... The girls have been asking to have a sleep over. Gosh I can't believe they are old enough to be having sleep overs! How on earth does that happen?! So of course I wanted their first sleep over to be extra special. What would be more perfect than a birthday sleep over? :) So the plotting began....

We decided to start off small... each girl could invite one friend... and those friends just happened to be sisters too! Then we got to thinking how fun it would be to have a tea party too! So we were off to do some thrifting....

 Talk about a total SCORE!!! I got tea cups, saucers and some extra plates ALL MATCHING!! And even better yet... all on sale!! I ended up getting them each for about $.24! Each of the girls will get to take a tea cup home with them! Now isn't that a better favor than a junking toy that will break before they get home? :)

And standing by my Stash Bash pledge... I found these canvas bags at a good price who knows how long ago and stocked up! Well, I found them while cleaning out some craft supplies and thought this would be a great project for the girls to do at the sleep over! I love how they turned out and the girls were so proud to have their own personalized bags! :)

 And of course a sleep over wouldn't be a sleepover without cute pjs! :) I used a baby blanket from my re-purposing stash and turned it into matching pjs for each of the girls' dolls!! :) I had enough for three night shirts and then had to make a pink one with just the sleeves matching. I think the girls were tickled! :)

And finally... what's a birthday party without a cake?! I must admit, this part was a last minute effort as I had no idea how I was going to make a tea party themed cake! I ended up using two cake mixes and baking each of them in one of my metal mixing bowls and then icing them together to make that round shape... the spout and handle were just made out of card stock!! Ta-da!! I think it turned out super cute and the girls all ooohed and aaaahed over it... my mission was complete! :)

In addition to those details... there were floppy hats for the girls, little hats for the dolls and while the girls were working on their canvas bags, I sat making flower clips for each girl and doll! They were a huge hit with the girls! It's amazing how the simplest of things can truly make them happy! :)

I love birthdays, down to the last details of it all. I love seeing kids get a kick out of the projects and games and the memories that are made... Happy 5th and 8th to my little ones!


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Stacey said...

So fun! I'm glad they had a good time and the cake is adorable!

hannahw said...

Very sweet party! You did good!I followed you from Natural Suburbia's Creative Friday. Here is post this week:

April's Homemaking said...

What a great idea for the cake, looks like a wonderful party!