Saturday, April 7, 2012

Look who showed up early...

It all started with a crack... I wondered what it would look like when the egg first started to crack. Yesterday I thought for sure I had heard a couple cheeps coming from the incubator but then, of course, it wouldn't do it again... so  I figured I was just crazy! lol It was early afterall...
We spent a lot of time watching that little crack grow... but finally couldn't take it anymore... and had to go out and work in the garden since we actually had nice weather! :) I came back in about an hour later and had this little face staring back at me!!
Meet Dandy... short for Dandelion! :)

And this little guy didn't even take the time to make a crack in his egg! lol We called my mom to tell her about Dandy  and when I went back in to check the other eggs this second one was born and the egg shell was blasted all over the incubator!

This little guy is still awaiting a name :)

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