Friday, January 1, 2010

One small change...

Can you imagine the impact that just one person can make on the world? Can you picture the amount of change that could be inspired by one person, making one change for the good? I can't even phathom how much goodness we are capable of. It's not the kind of thing you see on the news!

I am excited for the new year full of new chances, fresh starts, exciting adventures and endless possibilities! I am also excited to have read one of the blogs I follow,
BlueBerryCottage. She is taking the One Small Change challenge over at HipMountainMama and I have decided to join her!

This passed summer, I realized how many paper towels we actually use. I mean, it is just entirely too easy to go thru a ton at an insane speed! It's just soooo easy to use and toss and the amount of money and paper wasted was staggering! So I quit! I figured- it we don't buy them we won't use them! Ha! Easier said than done! Having kiddos, you know there have been lots of messes and with animals there are entirely different messes of their own! But, we got used to it. I have a drawer of baby wash rags, older cloth diapers and other rags that quickly took the place of their paper, tree killing counter part! lol We went about 6 months before I finally broke down and bought a pack of three paper towel rolls (I know! Gasp!) I was doing so good until DH spilled a bucket of paint and I had nothing buck cloth to grab! ugh! So, I bought some paper towels and kept them in hiding so as not to be temped. I save them only for extreme messes and so far so good! We still use our cloth rags for everyday clean up and I'm so proud of the "small difference" we are making!

As most of you know, we also used cloth diapers and I really like the idea of getting multiple uses out of household items! SO... our small change for this month is going to be taking the reusable item list to the next level! We are going to use cloth napkins in place of paper ones. While our family was here visiting, we happened into Dillards (only my second time ever!) and I was shocked to see beautiful cloth napkins on clearance for $.80! Now, they aren't all matching but for now they will get us started on this journey!

I am excited for the challenge and will be anxious to see all the small changes that will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE! Every little bit counts! What can YOU do to make the world a better place?


MelissaInk said...

Congrats on the paper towel usage :) I have a ton of kitchen rags (probably use three a day, on a normal day). I'd say we go through 6 rolls a year - so our paper towel usage is pretty minimal (compared to most households).

I tried to get the family on cloth napkins, but my husband just wouldn't go for it. We tried for two weeks, and he just was not on board ... but I do buy recycled ones :)

This year, I want to make it a goal to use up my "stash" of stuff, menu plan, and consolidate errands. Using what I have and buying smartly will reduce waste in all sorts of ways.

Hope your cloth napkin experience goes better than mine :)

Hip Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for joining the challenge! I think it is a great idea to eliminate paper towels as well as napkins. I also stash a roll of paper towels out of site that we only use in extreme situations. I love using cloth!

Renee said...

We stopped using paper towels and napkins over a year ago. (except for that stashed roll that no one but myself knows about.) I love it! I keep a basket on the countertop for the towels, and we have all kinds of mismatched napkins that I've gotten on clearance. Try Bed Bath & Beyond.