Saturday, January 2, 2010

Simple Winter Pleasures Day 2

Do you remember the blog post I had on here about a give-a-way for a mini Waldorf doll? I won!! Sue over at PolarbearCreations contacted me and I was just beside myself with excitement! And then it sunk in that I would have only one of these darling little dolls and two very excited little girls! So I emailed her about purchasing another one to match and she wrote back telling me that she had one and she would include it too at no cost!!! I couldn't believe the amazing kindness of a stranger! She was already being so giving with one but to give two was above and beyond!!!
In todays mail we got the package! lol You would think that those girls didn't have any toys (which you know is FAR from the truth!) by the way they were carrying on and the way they set off to feed their new babies. I hadn't even gotten to hold them yet and they already set to digging out things to wrap them in and making beds for them to sleep in! J instantly found a cloth cradle for hers and R put hers in a cloth carrier and they had names picked out in no time! J's has alphabets all over the fabric so she named hers Allie and R actually named hers on her own and wouldn't even listen to my suggestions! lol Her's is now named NeNe after J's imaginary friend!
These babies have already brought so much raw, simple joy to our home. J keeps teling DH how they are stuffed with lambs "wool-fur" lol and R is just so excited to have named hers and she snuggled in with her at bedtime.
Sue, if you are reading this...I thankyou more than words to say. Your work is amazing and the dolls are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish mine looked half as good!! lol
If you are ever looking for an amazing gift for a little one....PLEASE check out her shop! You won't be disappointed! And the best part is, the kiddos love them and they aren't flashy or battery run! It's a win-win!


Linda said...

Sue does make the most beautiful dolls, congratulations for winning the giveaway:)
Wishing you a wonderful 2010,

Polar Bear Creations said...

Oh how cute ! :0)
I love to see pictures of my Mini's in action!
I'm glad that they made it to your house and that your girls like them!

Thank you also for your kind words!
Have a wonderful day! :0)

Suzanne said...

I love the lighting in the first photo--looks very magical:-) Thanks for participating!