Friday, January 1, 2010

Taking the time to focus...

What is focus?

According to Webster's dictionary the meaning is~ a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding

When you really think about it, aren't we all striving for that? Maybe not everyone, but I know I sure am! Even just considering the day-to-day trials we all have to endure, focus can be difficult. You add in any of lifes big diversions and focus is nearly impossible! Lately, our lives have been a bit murky on the understanding and perception side of things. Living the life of the military has taught me that nothing is ever for sure and that your life can be very much at the mercy of someone you may have never even met. That's what we have been learning lately anyways. For now, we are here and that is all I can focus on in the now. The future and where we will be is for another day to worry about. I am hopeful but still question the how and why of our lives lately so this new year of opportunities and resolutions is coming at a perfect time in my growing process! The only thing I am in control of is me so why not focus in that for the time being!?! lol Actually, "resolutions" probably isn't the right term because I think as a whole people have good intentions of making them come true but get caught up in the everyday things and those big resolutions rarely come true. ..

So, instead I am looking for focus... Since moving here, my family and I just haven't found a church that makes us feel at home. We do however have the pure joy of listening to our Paster, Ed, online thru our old church~ Riverside Community. If you've never listened to a sermon online, please try out this one! I can't imagine what these 3+ years would have been like without Ed and God's directions we have gotten from the sermons. Even all the way from Alaska, Ed is still giving us the words we need to hear to get through the days. I think our church family is the driving force for us getting back there. Sure we miss the mountains, the culture and food but you know what my first thought of returning is? Pulling up to Riverside, sneaking in unannounced and seeing the look on our friends/family's faces...ok I have to stop...the tears are coming...

Anyways, Ed had a new lesson last week about focus and how important it is in our lives as Christians and he has a step-by-step guide to figuring it out on his blog that DH and I are doing. We are only a few days into it and already I am looking at my days in a different manner. Taking more time to focus on who I really want to be and what I want to be remembered for later. Doing this process with DH is also a nice experience. We have always been open with each other about our thoughts and ideas on things and usually we are on the same page but somehow this is different. Maybe we are just both doing some soul searching these days and it's just nice to have someone along for the ride! lol

The first step on this journey to focus is writing down your dream. Now for some this would be easy but I actually found it rather hard to put into words because my dream isn't just one big thing, it's a lot of "little things" that aren't so little to me!

My dream is to have a home that is full of order and peace so the creative juices have room to flow. I want to live in Alaska (duh!) and be surround by nature. I dream of our girls being taught by earthschooling in every sense of the name with the mountains and trees as their guides and the skies their limits. I want our handmade toys and crafts to reach far away lands and bring joy to children and adults of all ages. I want to wake up every morning refreshed and enjoy coffee and conversation with my husband and feel satisfied with my day and it's accomplishments as the night sets in. I NEED to feel like I am home....

Tall order, I know! I guess I better get started!

What's your dream? Please share!

One last challenge I am giving myself is to take part in a "Simple Winter Pleasures" collection of photos that show little views of our life on a daily basis. I read about it on BlueBerryCottage (isn't she just full of good ideas lately?) and thought it went along nicely with my goal of getting focused. Each day I will post a picture of something I consider important, spiritual, magical or just plain simple that aides in me becoming a better me...can you join me at taking notice of the little things?

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