Friday, January 1, 2010

Simple Winter Pleasures Day 1

The days are numbered for our Christmas decorating. I know the day is coming that we will pack it all away for another year. (ugh) This year we added a small disco ball looking ornament on a spinner (the cats love it! lol) and we discovered that at about 5:15 or so every afternoon, when the sun gets to just the right spot in the sky our living room has bits of shattered light bouncing off the walls from the reflections given off from this ornament! For a few moments in the day, our livingroom feels like magic and the song from Sleepless in Seattle plays in my mind... In the wee small hours of the morning... I know it's not in the morning but I can't control the songs that stick to certain moments in my mind! lol Personally, I think this ornament has a bit of magic and just wants us to all slow down for a few moments in the day and enjoy something simple...

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