Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wandering Wednesdays

The Wandering Wednesday challenge over at GardenMama, came at just the perfect time! I know I am getting in on it late in the day but that's only because I have been out wandering today and didn't get back until late! It has been a technology free day and it was blissful!!! 350 miles round trip, 12 hours away from our daily lives and more memories made than I can count!
I have so much more I want to share from the day but for now this will have to do!
Here I stand, almost out of the picture as I may be, in a river....searching out real dinosaur tracks! This day was an adventure for us all that we are not soon to forget! The simple pleasure are the ones that seem to mean the most these days....
Won't you join the challenge and share the stories (and pictures) that your feet would tell if only they could talk? Where have your feet been today?

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gardenmama said...

I am so happy to have you join in on this photo challenge! What lovely wandering you have done! : )