Friday, July 16, 2010

Our night at Montana Grill

With DH being from Montana, the name alone would have intrigued us... but for us, the interest first started when the girls and I saw a Martha Stewart show dedicated to the state of Montana and the reintroduction of the bison into the American food market. The show was so amazing that we kept it on the dvr to watch it a second time with DH when he got home , and then again when it aired on repeat a few months later! The girls were captivated with the views of Montana and were especially interested at eating at Ted's Montana Grill...a newer chain of restaurants dedicated to good quality food made with bison meat!

For those of you that don't know, bison meat is a great alternative to beef and isn't subjected to the same use of hormone injections and antibiotics that beef and other meats are plus it's just really good for you!. My family and I started eating bison almost exclusively back in February when we started learning more and more about where I food comes from and how it is processed...our lives will never be the same...

The girls and I have been plotting for months how we could make it work to stop at Ted Turners restaurant in Boseman, MT on our way up to Washington State, but with the trailer in tow it wasn't looking good.....We were overjoyed to find that they had one (Actually two) of them in our part of Kansas on our current visit!! All of our family was busy with one thing or another and we really didn't want the girls to see Grandma like that in the hospital (she just had triple bypass this AM), so we were on our own for dinner....we just couldn't resist trying out Montana Grill!

From the time we walked in the doors I knew this experience wasn't going to be your average restaurant experience...the smell of the grilled bison lured us in from the parking lot and the wooden floors and exquisite wood surrounds for each booth made it feel like a welcome reprieve from the impersonal world outside....although the restaurant was hopping with activity, the booths made it feel like you were in your own room and the service was superb!!! The waitress (who I unfortunately didn't catch her name) was so nice and in no way made us feel like we were an inconvenience while taking our time ordering and she was nice to my girls too, including them in the conversation of ordering (a big plus in my book!). If you haven't gathered, I think the atmosphere was awesome!

The next thing to catch our attention was the table, layed out with recycled butcher paper and our drinks that were delivered in a flash! When we got our drinks we discovered that the straws were made of cardboard!!! At first I thought that surely DH was crazy when he told me that but they were in fact made of cardboard and they took a bit of getting used to but it was so cool! What a GREAT idea! This lead to an interesting conversation with DD about why a straw that is biodegradable would be so much better for the environment than one made of plastic! Gotta love the life lessons we learn/teach while sitting down for a family dinner! :)

Another great thing that caught our attention, was the lack of crayons for the kids...I thought for sure they would have crayons handy for them to use on the butcher paper table covering...we were pleasantly surprise when they were substituted with Wikki Stix . They were amazing!!! And have been entertaining the girls both at home and at the hospital waiting rooms ever since!! I looked them up and found that they are really in expensive and would be great for a little something to tuck into your purse for an unexpected activity! Again, a GREAT idea!

And then they brought on the food.....(in a super timely manner).....lets just say....heaven!!! This was the American Cup burger....bison meat, mushrooms, onions and yummy bacon...there were so many toppings on that super thick burger I wasn't sure where to even begin trying to eat it!! lol the fries were awesome too as was the bison pot roast that DH had. The coolest part? DD ACTUALLY ate her meal and loved it!!! Not having to fight them to eat was GREAT!

Of course, no experience like this is complete without souvenirs! The girls each got a tiny buffalo ($2) and I got a t-shirt ($12) and I couldn't pass up the reusable grocery bag made from 100% recycled bottles ($4). I thought that was pretty good for the cool items we got and the girls are still playing with their new little animals...they will be perfect for the fairies! :)

If you haven't guessed yet, we thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Ted's Montana Grill and can't wait to go there again! I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good quality meal out on the town.... Ü


Anonymous said...

Cool beans! Sounds great and that BURGER!! Wooooow! Really made me hungry just looking at it. Looked tasty good.

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lanni @ said...

hi! following you from the bloghop -- would love for you to follow back at great blog :)

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