Monday, September 13, 2010

Could use some fairy help here...

When the fairies built this tree house, we thought it was great! We thought it was grand! We thought they did such a good job! One little detail we didn't think of was the fact that after dismantling it for moving....we didn't have any directions on how to put it back together! lol And where were the fairies when we needed their help?? Nowhere to be seen! lol

After many attempts on my own, I finally had to break down and looking up pictures on my blog for a visual of what went where! lol When all was said and done, I did get it back together but I still think that tree house was made for fairies to put together because only a fairy could get those little screws to actually work in those long, dug out holes! lol

It feels good to be getting back to some semblance of "normal". The squealing that has been going on lately as we open more boxes of forgotten toys are almost deafening! I am enjoying the pure joy that surrounds us when a "new" old toy is unearthed tho...The girls are loving the unpacking and can't wait to dig in to another box, while I am a bit slower at it and make them wait for a bit (a few days at most) while they enjoy the new found toy for a bit longer before pulling out more. There have been days that I swear I only see them when they get hungry enough to pull themselves away from this tree to eat and then right back in they go!

I love to watch them, and the details with which they play...placing each little toy in place and then hearing the giggling that follows like they did with this one....Who knew a gnomes head was good for balancing?

J made sure that I saw that her fairy was watching out the window, much like we did when we had the deer in our yard....oh how I love the way their little minds work! Speaking of deer, check out what's next on my list to make! :) I just know I can hear the fabric and pattern calling me..can't you hear them? lol

On a side note tho, our schoolroom is FINALLY starting to take shape and feel like the end is near. I have been looking at Waldorf classrooms online for months, saving pictures and making plans the best I could without knowing where we were going to be living! :) I wish so badly they could go to a Waldorf school but it's just not feasible so we'll do the best we can here at home! I really like the way it is turning out! I'll share more when I have a finished product to show off! Stay tuned!

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