Monday, September 13, 2010

The speech everyone should hear!!

I can't begin to thank SimplyMontessori for sharing this on her blog!!!

As the sun is coming up on my quiet morning, often times I wonder if what we are doing to school are children is enough, is it the right thing for them, could I be doing it better...and after watching this (which I think every person should do!) my answer to all three of these is YES!!! Yes, we are doing enough...we are doing enough when I can see the love of learning growing in them everyday...Yes, we are doing the right thing to make our children free give them the opportunity to learn freely and with passion! And YES, I can and will do better! I am constantly striving to be a better teacher to them...and in turn they are teaching my thought process of what learning is...they are giving me back the passion to learn that was long ago stiffled in a classroom of "must do" rather than "must inspire"....Watching this video/speech gives me hope for the future, hope for the students to come and the teachers who will teach them...hope for the parents to make a stand for their children....

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