Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tag You're it!

So, I've been trying this new thought of getting up when DH does for work. Whose idea was this? His! lol I am giving it a go tho and secretly enjoying it for the most part. Now that we are in the new house, and the layout is different the girls are actually staying asleep till a more normal hour of the day so they don't get up the moment I get out of bed! Bliss! So, my day gets to start in the dark early hours of the day, with a cup of hot coffee in hand and a fresh look at my blog for the day. I am so enjoying my time with far away friends via emails and blogs so for now this change is good...

I couldn't even tell you how I happen on to this blog but I am so enjoying it and haven't gotten quite thru all her back posts but I did happen on to one that I thought was fun...list ten things about yourself that someone might not know! I know the post was back in April but since I just found her blog I thought I would join in too! So, go check out her blog, and then think of 10 things I might not know about you and post them on your blog too....if you are reading this please consider yourself tagged...but incase you need that extra push I am personally tagging Robin, Kathy and Mandie too!

Ok, on to my top ten!

1. I am SOO not a morning person... lol

2. I actually miss Texas sometimes....gasp...yes... I'll admit it! While I am very content here, there are fleeting moments of just wishing for something familiar.

3. Someday I want to write a book..

4. I love bunnies...and have collected them since I was a baby...statues, stuffed, anything and everything bunny related!

5. I believe in fairies! Or at least the possibility of them...God can do anything, why wouldn't he create something to take care of nature? :)

6. My favorite candy is almond rocha.

7. I wish I was more like my Grammy and Papa.

8. Going into a craft store is like a high to me...who needs drugs when you could create?!

9. I see moments in the day like pictures in my brain and then automatically think how I could scrap them! lol

10. As scared at the idea of putting down roots as I am, I'm also excited at the same time. Silly girl, I know!

Ok, it's your turn..sit down and tell me about yourself and then leave a comment with a link so I can visit back! :)

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gypsyforest said...

Fun :) Thanks for sharing & good to "meet" you!