Friday, September 10, 2010

Field Trip Friday- Unexpected stops

Now, I know how it is on a big trip. You map out your course, plan your breaks around gas stations and places to eat and you are on your merry way...sound right?

Well, then geography throw in a kink called the unexpected stop...

We saw this sign as we were driving on our way to our first night at the Cabella's RV park....we'd already stopped at the World's Largest Ball of Twine but couldn't help but wonder what that green blur of a sign had really we.....gasp....turned around!!! My MIL and I looked at each other, and like kids were both grinning and both we were off to see the geographic center of the United States! lol Nothing I would have planned on doing (ok so maybe I would have had I been aware that is existed) but never-the-less, couldn't pass it up when we were just a few miles away! And hey, it was just one more thing to put on our list of "been there, done that"!

It wasn't anything fancy but it was fun to get out of the car just the same. There was even a little tiny church that was there with a guest book to sign and a bucket of free wooden crosses to take. Each one had a scripture burned into it...The girls each got one, which let to us looking up the scriptures that were on each of their little crosses....for being unplanned, I think this was a really neat stop, and hopefully one the girls will remember for a long time!

The scenery on this trip was great...and I kept hearing the songs from Cars playing in my miss so much by always taking the highways...take a country road..see where it leads you!

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Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

How cool! I wanted to see the ball of twine when I passed through Kansas but it just wasn't anywhere in my path. I had no idea there was a geographic center of the US. How cool! And how cool that you actually TURNED AROUND to explore! That is truly amazing! Thanks for linking up to Field Trip Friday!