Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby steps

I know that pictures won't do her justice but she is looking so much better! There are some nasty knots at the opening of her ears that I just haven't been ready to tackle. Her ears are so thin I don't want to clip the wrong thing! After that is taken care of she will be knot free and I think her over all appearance will be even better! That and we didnt' have a brush for a small dog, we got one now and it is helping too!

When I was done clipping off all the matted fur, it looked like we had a fur dog rug on the patio! How gross! I was able to fill a gallon ziplock bag with her fur! It's such a shame that the fur is so nasty- I can see how dog fur could make great felt and yarn. From the underside of the matted hair it was really pretty and soft! lol

We still haven't heard a word from the neighbors, even tho she's pretty much been here for three days. She'll go over there occasionally but always comes right back over. I have a towel made into a bed for her out there on the porch but it's been too stinkin' cold for her to sleep outside....even Jason has let her in the house when I wasn't looking...Please send extra prayers out to her owners that they let her stay....she's already working her way into our hearts....


suzanne said...

Hi Hallie

I think you have done a wonderful job in making the little dog look loved. I am sending every positive energy from my side that she will be yours.

Warm regards

Kayleigh (sometimes Robin) said...

awww so cute!!
Hope you get to keep her!
(Oh, I forgot to tell you before that this is Robin. lol. I forget how to change my sig thing in blogspot)
Take care and hugs to the little one!