Friday, January 2, 2009

What movies are made of...

Our last night in Montana could easily have been the perfect ending to a Family channel Christmas movie. Our entire time there we had snow on the ground but it had just been too cold to be out playing in it. Out of all the things we talk about missing most about Alaska, mountains and snow top the list. My biggest hope for this trip north was that the girls would see and play in the snow and our time was dwindling fast!

Jason and I had gone into town for one last stop at a few of our most missed stores. Just as we were leaving Big Bear, I started to see flakes falling ever so sparsely. Now, I know I shouldn't have been wishing for snow (considering the long trip we had ahead of us the next day) but secretly I really was hoping for one more chance to bundle the girls up in our borrowed snow gear!

By the time we got home, the flakes were falling with more consistently and by the time the girls got up from their naps it was looking like we were in a snow globe! I know for most people this entry probably seems a bit of an over-kill about something simple like snow but for me it was a snapshot in my memory that I will never forget...a healing of sorts. Living in Texas and having our hearts still in Alaska leaves me feeling like our girls are being cheated. J has seen the snow for sure but R hasn't and knows nothing of our life before her. (I know that sounds a bit crazy, life goes on...but we want it to go on in Alaska, and for the girls to grow up experiencing a culture we loved so much- not spending years in nowhere Texas! lol)

The girls don't know the dread of having to bundle up for the cold weather. For them if was all fun and games. It was a flurry of mittens and hats, snow boots and pants. They were so impatient to get out in the white fluffy unknown.

When we left Alaska I couldn't part with this little blue molded baby sled. I knew we weren't going to have a use for it in Texas but there were just so many memories and I wasn't ready to let go of it yet. I figured we were pushing the limits of even being able to use it before she'd be too big. As it worked out- it fit her perfectly and her squeals of delight as Daddy pulled her thru the yard was priceless!

I feel like that snow was such a gift and a closure I desperately needed. It was just a walk around the block in the snow but I know that I will be rewinding that night in my mind for many hot Texas days to come....


Brooke said...

You know some things are what you make of them. I know you don't care for Texas but I don't feel like it is NOWHERE. It is somewhere for some people. I am not from but I personally love it here and can't stand the snow. I am not sure I would be comfortable in Alaska or Montana at all but I would make the best of it. We get to swim almost whenever we want to lol! We have A/C to so it isn't to hot! I am glad you had fun and got what you wanted.!

AKJennJenn said...

I know I've balked at the cold of Winter in AK, and I must apologize. I do understand that primal call to snow. Its a time of rest, of quieting the mind, of quiet that a drift of snow can bring. There comes a point each summer, when things are so chaotically light that I momentarily long for snowy solitude, that is hard to find in the constant buzz of the midnight sun. The past couple winters have been difficult for me, but I can only see them as a gift of time to go deeper within myself to find answers.
So happy to hear you were able to find a bit of that snowy peace for yourself too.