Saturday, January 31, 2009

Something's missing

How is it that a little dog, that I'd never guess I'd love, could take over our lives, hearts and home? It makes me smile when I think about her, more happy than sad...There is an unspoken feeling in our house today. Jason has given me more hugs than even usual and I find myself telling the girls I love them even more than usual somehow that will make the hurt and longing go away. Last night, after they picked her up, my wonderful hubby even drove across town to get my favorite pizza. I feel this loss, but at the same time a sense of happy. Happy that she was so excited to see her owner, Happy that he seemed so sincere and Happy at the thought of a puppy that he promised us....I feel like we did a good thing taking care of her. She was brighter than anything I could have hope for coming back from vacation to a place we were far from excited to return. For three weeks, I was focused on happy things and not wallowing in the sad...that's how I want to continue my days...She gave us so much....


Jerusalem Jones said...

Join me! I will put aside the ancient feud between our peoples, in which yours were clearly wrong, and accept you into our political movement. Your ability to endear yourself with humans could be a great help for the paws cause!

Yours diplomatically,
Jerusalem Jones, M.E.W.

Heidi's Blog said...

I think thats a great way to look at things. And when she does have puppies, it will be nice to have a piece of her back to keep with you always.