Saturday, January 10, 2009

The unexpected

For months now, we have been discussing the idea of getting another dog. I am just lost without Koda and have felt like something is missing no matter how much I adore Karma. We've called on a few dogs but nothing has worked out and we've been so on the fence that we've pretty much tabled the idea. I just keep praying that if we are meant to have another dog that it will work out and that it will in some way find us...That's what made yesterday so hard...

I started out the day like any other...trying to figure out what to do and just how much I could get accomplished. I had started taking down the decorations and was going out to the barn to dig out more boxes so I could tackle the tree....that's when I saw the neighbors' big white dog in our yard barking at me and nearby was another little dog, so nasty and grudgy that I couldn't tell what it was! I yelled at the big one to go home and it finally retreated under the fence through the hole it had dug but the little one lagged behind. I called it over and was so horrified by the shape she was in that I feared she only had one eye because of the way the matting had covered her face. I couldn't see but only one eye, not even her nose or her mouth but she quickly came over to me and within seconds was laying belly up at my feet. It makes me want to cry at the thought of a dog being that neglected...She looks like she has 4+ ears because of the big matts of fur sticking of the top of her head. She could easily have 8 legs for the extra knots she has hanging next to each leg and it almost looks as if she has an extra limb protruding from her side only once again, it's just fur. She has the sweetest little spirit and lights up (as much as she can in her state) when the girls even look in her direction...

I talked to the son thru the fence later in the day and was asking if her got a new dog. I had been seeing the big white one in our yard for some time now but the little one had only been showing up since we'd returned from our trip. He said that the big dog (Peek-a-boo) was his uncles dog and that the little one was his grandma's. So, now we knew she is theirs...and I'm so sick to know that I don't have the right to clean her up (which would take ALOT!) and bring her in to love her. She did finally go back over there around dinner time after spending the entire day at our house.

THEN, this morning we wake up to find THREE dogs in our yard! The original two and another one. This one isn't in nearly as bad of shape but could definately use a bath too! lol It also has a collar on, which the other little one did not. So maybe this dog is the grandma's and not "Licker" as Janie has taken to calling her? As you know, I am all for animal rights and in a group or on paper I would fight to the death but as one person and a neighbor I don't know very well at all I feel helpless....I was up half the night worrying about her out in the wind and the cold and I want so badly to just bring her in and clean her up. Please say a little prayer for this pup and us too that we have the strength to know what to do... :)

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Kayleigh (sometimes Robin) said...

Maybe you could go over there and ask if you could have their doggie? lol. Blame it on the girls... that they really took a liking to the one and ... maybe? since it keeps coming over... you could just keep it?
Poor little thing. I'd be in the same boat.