Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bella Luna Give-a-way!

I first heard about the Waldorf approach to learning and toys, from a friend (yeah for Sue!) a few years ago and was intrigued right away! I started reading more about it and slowly transitioning our girls' toys from that yucky plastic to the natural toys of wood and fabrics. I can't even begin to discribe the difference it has had on them and on our household in general. There is no denying that if you were to compare the plastic playfood that we used to have, to the amazing wooden/cloth ones, there would be no comparison...I will be forever in debt to the Waldorf community for caring about everything my children come in contact with... I would be so excited to win this giveaway and could already tell you what I would use it for! Stockmar paint would be at the top of that list!!! I can already see us creating master pieces under the awning of our trailer! lol Crossing my fingers now!

Go over to MoonChild and check it out! These toys are worth it and your kids will love them!!!

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