Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Song Remembers When Challenge- I've got my mind set on you

I think I was 7 or 8 years old when this song came out, I didn't know anything about the Beatles I just knew that there was a guy named George Harrison with a really cool music video called "I Got My Mind Set on You"...actually two videos. I can remember watching the video every chance I got when it played on MTV, you know, when MTV was good and actually played music videos! lol I'll post the one but haven't been able to find the other,( yeah! I found it!) which of course is the one I remember and the video that plays thru my mind while I'm walking thru a store and this song comes on the radio! I just can't help but smile when I hear it...I have loved George Harrison (and later came to love the Beatles too) ever since!

I finally got someone else to play! Hop on over to Hermits on the Hill and read about how the song remembers when for Kathy too! (She just so happens to be my mom so please leave her a comment and tell her I sent you! )


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