Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crazy Peaches

Every year we have planned on going to the Peach Festival and every year something comesw up that we aren't able to. So this year, we marked it on the calender and stood strong that nothing was going to get in our way....not even the 100 degree weather! lol Had the heat been a bit less, I'm sure it would have been fun but to be honest it was miserable!!! Lunch was amazing but the heat got to us before they even brought out the peach cobbler and icecream...and when hundreds of people started standing in line (for what seemed like forever!) at the empty tables waiting for icecream, we decided that Braums with air conditioning was sounding better and
I was trying to lighten the mood, and said something like " Good food, good music and good friends, what else could we ask for?" and my good friend Jackie answered "Air conditioning!" I thought that was just too funny...maybe you had to be there! lol
Never the less, we FINALLY made it to the Peach Festival and we can now leave Texas without wondering about what we missed! lol

I couldn't believe how many people were there during a work week! the heat was insane and some people had long sleeves on!! It was so hot out I couldn't think straight!

The lunch was worth the drive!! Yum!

I loved hearing the old time music...and it was even better with a Granny who could rock! lol

I thought for sure the mob of people were going to jump those poor workers for the icecream!! It was CRAZY!
The girls were SO ready to go! lol
J asked "Why's it have to be so hot in Texas mom?"

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