Saturday, June 19, 2010

Zhu Zhu crazy

I told myself I wasn't going to jump on this animals are always better and junky toys will loose their appeal....but the girls were so convincing and we had some great coupons so we let them each get one of these little zhu zhu pets that are all the craze. Surprizingly, they are pretty cool and for once, maybe even better than the real thing! No squeeky wheels, no messy cages= hours of fun! BUT... I said I wasn't going to buy the extra additions...if they wanted to have cages and clothes they had to make J set off to knit them a blanket! Well, their birthdays rolled around and Aunt T sent them a big box with sleeping bags and a housing kit.
Ok, I didn't buy it so technically I was still sticking to my guns on not buying the stuff myself...ok, I have to admit when I am wrong...these things are cool and my girls LOVE them!!! So far they haven't gotten bored and so far I still haven't actually bought them attachments...however I am doing everything in my power to win them some!!!

Go over to my good friend, Robin's site Mark it with a B and check out this amazing give-a-way! I can already imagine the squeels of delight coming from my girls if we'd win! It would be the perfect activity on a hot Texs day in the trailer! lol The things we do for our kids huh? ;)

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Robin said...

Thanks for the link! :)
Your girl's hammies are soooo cute! I'll have to see about making sleeping bags, or at least carry purses, for WildThing's hammies; I hear she's been carrying them around. everywhere. lol.