Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Three shades of crazy!!!! AKA The best husband in the world!

As I write this, I don't even know if I will ever be able to publish what I am writing, but for the moment I just want to get my thoughts down in words and perhaps someday...sigh...I'll be able to push that publish post button!

For those of you new to my blog, this story actually started almost a year and a half ago on a cold January day when the Unexpected happened...since that whole mess, there has always been a naggying at my heart that something was missing. It got better when we got Kobuk, and things have been feeling whole again in our family, not to mention insanely crazy with the move and such so that's what surprises me the most about these turn of events! I was looking thru cheapcycle a few weeks ago and saw an ad for shih tzu puppies, and I recognized the email to be that of the people who had Remi. I wrote to her and found out that Remi had in fact run away and they never found her, but that they had these pups with another dog....

I told DH about it and nothing much was said about it...till him and a friend were sitting outside shooting the breeze and he said, you should just email her- offer her $100 and see what she says.... !!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!? I thought- WHAT? Could this be, is this really my husband? Could it be the beer talking? Is he serious!? So, I went crazy for the rest of the night, not emailing her and not sure how to bring it up with him...surely he wasn't serious!? Sure thing tho, the next morning, he asked if I'd heard back from her and I told him that I had never emailed her. He was just like a kid when I tried to have a serious discussion about it and said to pretty much screw being responsible people who would wait, and to just email, cause he knew I wanted I did....She just wrote back today (finally) that the offer was a bit low but that she'd get back with me if she didn't get what she wanted for them...

So there it stands....I'm still going crazy...still thinking that even thinking about doing this is absolutely insane and that I must have lost my mind...but then part of me thinks, I have the best husband in the world and that perhaps being a gypsy, living in a travel trailer has it's perks...I don't know if it's guilt that made him change his mind, or his love and want to make me happy but even if it doesn't work out....I just think the world of that man of mine!

I decided to post this even tho we have heard nothing else about the puppy. I know that we are better off without one now...can we say CRAZY?! But I did want to shout it out how great of a guy my DH is...he puts up with so much! lol

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Mandie said...

awe, hallie! i hope you hear back! :)