Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Song Remembers When Challenge- Mayberry

When this song came on the radio today, I had flashbacks to the days of "cruising the strip" of my hometown...we'd drive down mainstreet to Harold's grocery store where we would turn around in the parking lot and go back down mainstreet and head out of town where we would drive thru Sonic and the do it all over again! lol Why this felt cool I don't know but it did, and it was even more fun when you'd run into a friend and end out hanging out at the four way....yeah...we were cool.....not!!

But that's what you do for fun in a small town. You invent it and hope no one sees you doing it or they'll tell your mom at the grocery store the next day! ha!

Being a military brat, I moved around quite a bit but I was lucky enough to end up in one place long enough to go to high school and part of college before moving on again. I spent almost 8 years in a small town in Missouri where there were still places to tie up a horse outside the grocery store for the many Amish families in the area and there was only one blinking stoplight at the center of town. I graduated from high school with a class of 58 and that was one of the biggest classes to have graduated from that school...

We were lucky enough to get to visit there for a day while on our travel to PA a few weeks ago...I know these pictures are the best, and please excuse the dead bugs on the windshield, but here's a view of my hometown....

Everytime I here this song, I imagine I am driving down main street, on my way to DQ where Lynn would greet me with a smile and friends would honk the horn while they cruise on by into Harold's supermarket. It has since been renamed but will always be Harold's to me...Because in a small town, nothing changes it just gets older and smaller than we remember....

Mayberry- Rascal Flats

Sometimes it feels like
this world is spinning faster
Than it did in the old days
So naturally, we have more natural disasters
From the strain of a fast pace
Sunday was a day of rest
Now, it’s one more day for progress
we can’t slow down ‘cause more is best
It’s all an endless process


(well)I miss mayberry
Sitting on the porch drinking ice-cold cherry Coke
Where everything is black and white (bada bada badadadada)
Picking on a six string
Were people pass by and you call them by their first name
Watching the clouds roll by

Bye, bye

Sometimes I can hear this old earth shouting
Through the trees as the wind blows
That’s when I climb up here on this mountain
To look through God’s window
Now I can’t fly
But I got two feet that get me high up here
Above the noise and city streets
My worries disappear


Sometimes I dream I’m driving down an old dirt road
Not even listed on a map
I pass a dad and son carrying a fishing pole
But I always wake up
every time I try to turn back


Bye, bye

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